Real Establishment Company for General Contracting of Buildings is one of Real Group Projects Management Companies working in the field of contracting and buildings, established in 2007.

The company has specialized engineers and projects managers who has long experience in this field. The general contracting and buildings sector is currently one of the main works within the range of the development plan and refreshing aspect in Kuwait. It is expected that the company shall have a crucial role in the works related to this plan and other contracting works in Kuwait.

Real Establishment Company created a portfolio for heavy equipment “Quarter Portfolio” in 2011 which is expected to yield good profits during the coming periods.

The company is registered at the Kuwait central tenders committee. It has got and signed a variety ofcontracts. Contracts like sands transportation andother transportation projects in different parts inKuwait.Projects like highways, Boubyan Island, Jaber Al-Ahmad Bridge and other governmental projects.

Real Establishment company is ready to cooperate and deliver the needs of the client in transportations, heavy equipment's in modern ways due to the company`s contacts and sister companies.

Real Establishment Company is also able to work in construction works and was able to construct Villas, Investment flats, Towers and other construction works all over Kuwait.

Real Establishment Company’s work is efficient, accurate time in delivery with deliberated prices.

Real Establishment Company is established and owned by a lot of members, the board of directors consists:

Adel Habeeb Al-Qattan

Mohammad Abdulhadi Al-Wazzan

Fathila Abbas Al-Hazim

Abeer Al-Qattan